Jordan Coins

A various coins that were circulated in the Jordanian territory throughout history which can be classified to main categories:

- The coins which had been circulated in Jordan before Islam. This includes coins circulated from the 5th century B.C to the 7th century A.D starting with Greek, Nabataean and Roman coins in addition to the coins of the Decapolis, Byzantine and Sassanian .

- The early Islamic coins (Arab-Sassanian and Arab Byzantine coins), in addition to the Islamic coins which were struck from the 7th century A.D to the 16th century A.D during the period of the Umayyads, Abbasids, Fatimids, Ayyubids, Mamluks, and Mongols.

- The Ottoman coins which were circulated in this region from the 16th century A.D including Ottoman LIVRES Banknotes, and then Palestinian coins and Banknotes which had been used from 1927 - 1949, where the Jordanian dinar was introduced, in 30/09/1950 Palestinian currency has been canceled in Jordan.

- Finally Jordanian coins and banknotes issued by the Jordanian currency board in 1949, then by Central Bank of Jordan since 1964 up to date, CBJ issued several series including coins as Circulation and commemorative and medallions issued


Jordanian dinar USD or JD and 1000 fils or 100 piasters, or 10 Dirhams.

Banknotes are: - 50 Dinars, 20 Dinars, 10 Dinars, 5 Dinars &1 Dinar.

The current circulation coins are: - ½ Dinar, ¼ Dinar, 10 Piastres (1 Dirham, or 100 Fils), Five Piastres (½ Dirham, or 50 fils) and 1 Piaster (10 Fils).


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