Post service began in Jordan on 1921. where established (Post Offices), which included initially 8 post offices, and were linked to the telephone network operation and were provided with some of teletype machines that run based on the old Morse method, then some necessary adjustments has been applied to improve the services.

After the founding of post services in Transjordan, nine new post offices was opened, during the period 1939 and 1949, and phone lines started to be applied, with service in the switchboard turned to semi-automatic service. The post mail in this period was transferred by horses, train and cars, as well as by sea to other countries.

On August 6, 1939 beside the post mail and telephone the telegraph started in Transjordan, and Ministry named as the Ministry of Post and Telegraph. But it remained for a period of time to change the name to refer to the Ministry of Post and Telegraph to the telecommunications Foundation; it was established from 1972 and separated from the ministry.

Under the Telecommunications Act of 1995 was the establishment of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission turned Telecommunications Corporation into a company, and because of that the Kingdom has become completely covered telephone communications were telephone exchanges that were in post offices serving arrest.

In 2002 it has been issued postal services law temporary, (No. 34 of 2007) issued by the Council of the Nation, and which was created by Jordan Post Company, and began its work in 1/1/2003 and changed the name of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Now Jordan Post still currently operates and provides services to citizens through the 356 completed, not only services related to the mail, but also provides essential services, financial, and service on behalf of companies or government departments to distribute bills and catch their financial dues, for example, in addition to other services.

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